Materials Pickup Change March 31 11:50 AM

March 31, 2020 11:50 AM

Pickup of student materials is going so smoothly that parents or "designated retrievers" can come on down to the schools at any time before 4:30 today to pick up materials. 

March 31, 2020 7:45 AM

Dear Parents,

We are all ready for everyone's arrival for resource pick up over the next two days. Resource pick up includes many of your student's personal items as well as academic resources. Unless you have heard personally to the contrary, it is more likely than not that we have something here for your student. All of our items are organized by bus number, so I encourage you to arrive during your scheduled time. This schedule was sent to you personally yesterday and is posted on our website and Facebook page. Arrival during the scheduled time will help us expedite the distribution process. For perspective, I have also sent photos to your email address of the materials we have on hand. We all look forward to seeing everyone while maintaining aggressive social distancing protocols. 

Best Wishes,

Brian K. Griffith 


March 30, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

We have refined our resource distribution plan and have decided to provide curbside pick up at each school. During pick up, we ask that families maintain social distancing efforts by staying in their vehicle and only gather materials after the staff member has placed them on the sidewalk. You are receiving this message because your student(s) is assigned to bus (bus number) The current pick up time scheduled for this bus is (assigned pickup time). For each bus, we are allocating a one hour time frame to pick up resources. Families from PVE and PVI with students on multiple buses may gather materials all at the same time if requested. Any designee may pick up the resources, provided they have an accurate student name and bus number. Weekly printed materials may be ready in some buildings, but communication about distribution will be forthcoming from each building principal.