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Geometry at the junior high level is a year-long course where we will explore geometric concepts that include coordinate geometry, real-world applications in measuring area and volume, congruence and similarity of figures, constructions, and three-dimensional geometry. Studies will be completed in a variety of forms including whole-group instruction, peer-to-peer exploration, and independent research with a variety of options to show understanding of newly constructed knowledge. While geometry is at the forefront of skills to be learned in this course, students will explore a variety of skills and practices that can be utilized on their journey of life-long learning.
Since this past school year ended not as ideal as we had all hoped, we will be revisiting a number of Algebra1 concepts to prepare you to take the Alg1Keystones at the end of September. We will take the first 5 weeks of school and accomplish the academic standards you were unable to get to this past year. After that, we will begin the Geometry coursework with a few adjustments made to accommodate this new timeline.
For updates on our class and to stay up-to-date with upcoming assessments/assignment due dates, reference the homework board linked to the right for your convenience. To access materials for this class, please reference Schoology and the online text.