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About Me

My name is Mr. C. I am a special education teacher for grades 7-8. I graduated from Penns Valley area school district. Then I went to Lock Haven and graduated with degrees in Middle level grades 4-8 with a concentration in math and Special education pre-k-12. I enjoy living in Penns Valley. My favorite thing to do is be in the woods. If you would like to contact me about your students schedule or assignments the best way is to email me at [email protected] . 
Here is a zoom link for FID days:
All students will have paper packets and will complete their work that way. If they have internet and are able they will need to follow the bell schedule and log in to zoom at the beginning of each period. 
What do students have to do during a FID?
Instructions for Flexible Instructional Days
To be marked present for class: 
1. Zoom in at the start of class using the zoom link posted at the top of our Schoology page or at the top of this page.
2. Complete and submit any assignments for the day.
Failure to complete any of the steps listed above will result in you being marked absent for class and receiving a zero for the assignment. 
*If you have no internet or slow internet, you must have responded to the survey sent out by Dr. Griffith in October. In this case, you can download the assignments for offline use ahead of the FID to avoid being marked absent.
If you did not communicate your lack of internet ahead of time and failed to complete the steps outlined above, you will be marked absent AND receive a zero for the assignment.