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7th Grade Communication Board Use this link for up-to-date information about assignments, tests, and events.
Destiny Discover 26_
This is where students will search for Free Choice Books. Students must read 1 book for the first nine weeks, two books for the 2nd, two books for the 3rd, and 2 books for the 4th.
IXL 26 _ ________@pennsvalley
Reading Counts Quizzes Use this site to take quizzes for your free choice books.
Schoology - 7th Grade Learning Platform for English This is a general link to the Schoology platform. Each class period will have their own specific code to access the platform. If you would like parent access, you will need to email me and request one. You would then have your own login that shows you all assignments and grades for 7th-grade English.
Shawnee Heckman
Schoology Tutorial for Students This video will show students how Schoology is formatted and what it will look like when they have a class code.
Screencastify/Email Writing An Email
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