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Mrs. Lanich's Home Page

¡Hola!  Hello!  And welcome to my website. 
Here you can find course information, resources, syllabi, and more.
2018-19 Schedule
Fall 2019
Block 1 - Spanish 1
Block 2 - Spanish 3 & 4
Period 7 - World Languages 8
Period 8-World Languages 8
RAM - ESL Support
Spring 2020
Block 1 - Spanish 1
Block 2 - Spanish 2
Period 7 - World Languages 8
RAM - ESL Support

Contact Information
phone:  (814)422-2003 ext. 3044
About Me 
I am a graduate of Penn State University, where I completed bachelor's degrees in Spanish and world languages education and certification in teaching English as a second language (ESL).  I also completed a master's degree in educational development and strategies at Wilkes University.  I have experience working with language learners of all ages from infants to adults, and I volunteer for several local and international organizations including Global Connections and Youth for Understanding.  You can Google these to find out more or just ask me!  Also ask me about the countries I have visited!  I look forward to talking with you soon!