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The PV Internship program is an opportunity for students to gain valuable, real-world experiences that align with their career plan. Student-learners will report to their designated training site and perform work-related tasks designated by their training supervisor. The students are required to document their experience by keeping a journal of the tasks they have performed. Students are also encouraged to take pictures and/or videos as long as they are approved by their training supervisor.


Criteria for Internship Eligibility:

Student-learner must...

  • have good school attendance.
  • be passing all classes.
  • present themselves in a positive and professional manner.  
  • provide their own transportation to training site.


Internship Enrollment Requirements:  

  • Student-learners will meet with Mrs. Martin prior to the placement to discuss training plans, requirements, and expectations.
  • Students will document their experience by taking pictures or videos which will be uploaded to their Schoology classroom. They will also learn employability skills and can access their materials through Schoology. The student Schoology access code is: Z6HH-J9XK-9D6DM
  • Student-learners will meet with Mrs. Martin every Friday to learn Occupational Competencies and to discuss internship experiences. Therefore, students will not go to their internship sites on Fridays, unless otherwise given permission by Mrs. Martin and Site Supervisor. It is the students' resonsibility to notify their site supervisor that they will not be at the site on Fridays.
  • At the end of the internship students will create an Internship Reflection video. A rubric will be given to the student to help guide them with this task.
  • Provide Mrs. Martin with the mandatory paperwork:
    1. ___ Completed Training Agreement
    2. ___ Training Plan
    3. ___ Photo Release Form
    4. ___ Confidentiality Form