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Job Shadowing


The PV Job Shadowing program is an opportunity for students to explore careers that align with their interests. Students will accompany employees through part of a typical day and observe various aspects of their job and skills required to work in the field. The students and I will meet after the job shadow to discuss their experiences. Students are also encouraged to take pictures and/or videos as long as they are approved by their Job Shadowing sponsor.

Criteria for Job Shadowing Eligibility:

Student learner must...

  • have good school attendance.
  • be passing all classes.
  • present themselves in a positive and professional manner.  

Job Shadowing Enrollment Requirements:  

  • Student learners will meet with Mrs. Martin prior to the placement. During this meeting students will learn soft skills that will help them the day of the job shadowing experience.
  • Students will be provided with a list of questions that will help them gather information about the career.
  • Student learners will meet with Mrs. Martin after the job shadowing placement to discuss the experience and career path. They will reflect on their experience and what they have learned about the career.
  • Students are only permitted to go on four Job Shadowing experiences throughout the course of the school year unless given special permission from Mrs. Martin.
  • The following documents are the mandatory paperwork needed prior to the Job Shadowing experience:
    • ___ Completed Job Shadowing Agreement
    • ___ Completed Job Shadowing Teacher Recommendation Form
    • ___ Photo Release Form