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Dual Enrollment

The counseling office has created a list of in-person and online dual enrollment options for students.  Dual enrollment courses are considered dual enrollment because you are enrolled at your high school and a college/university.  You receive one elective credit through PVHS and either 3 or 4 college credits through the college or university.  


The in-person options include the courses offered at PVHS, taught by PVHS faculty, and associated with Mount Aloysius College and the University of Pittsburgh.  The online options are offered through a variety of higher education institutions, taught by university/college faculty, and associated with different colleges/universities.  The online options in the attached document are not the only options when it comes to dual enrollment courses outside of PVHS.  The colleges and universities listed are a few we have agreements with and others that students have taken courses through in the past.


Please keep in mind that each college and university will have a variety of courses they can offer high school students, but they often are general education requirement courses (i.e. English, History, Social Sciences, etc.).  The counseling office must be informed if you decide to take an online dual enrollment course for multiple reasons, which include:


  • Making sure your academic courses reflect that you are taking an online dual enrollment course.  
  • Changing your schedule to help accommodate you attending your courses.  Students will have time in their schedule to work on their dual enrollment course(s), which is traditionally done in the IMC.  


If you are interested in taking an online dual enrollment course but aren't sure how to go about doing it, please either stop by the counseling office for a conversation with you as you consider options. 


Lastly, dual enrollment courses are challenging and offer great opportunities for students.  You should be socially, emotionally, and academically prepared to take a challenging course before signing up for a dual enrollment option.  


We are here to help you with your goals and aspirations!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.