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PV Cyber (Edgenuity)

Dear Parents and Students:
Cyber Education can be extremely challenging and rewarding. Students
have the ability to move at a faster pace and challenge themselves in a setting
outside the traditional classroom. This Penns Valley (PV) cyber course guide book
is designed to provide the information necessary to help students make informed
decisions about cyber education and to ensure this is the best educational route to
promote academic success. Proper course selection is an important task in all areas
of education. It is imperative that students select courses that match their abilities,
interests, talents, and aspirations for the future.
In order to ensure the most appropriate course selections, students are
encouraged to consult with their parents, school counselor, and the school
principal. Parental involvement and communication is an integral part of this
process; therefore, we encourage parents to set aside time to review the Penns
Valley (PV) cyber courses with their children. The school counselor may also
provide insight regarding the details about specific courses and students’ individual
abilities to succeed in those courses as well as be available to discuss individual
concerns with parents and students.
Our contracts with cyber providers help us reach our goal to create opportunities, promote critical thinking and prepare our graduates for careers in the 21st century. We look forward to working with parents and students to promote academic success via PV cyber. If you have any questions, please contact us at 814-422-8907 at
your convenience.
Penns Valley Counseling Office