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Course Overview & Syllabi

Welcome to U.S. History 9 and Honors U.S. History 9 courses! These courses are divided into nine units during which we will study some very exciting and turbulent times in United States history.  The units for these courses are as follows:
1. Reconstruction Era
2. Industrial Expansion & Immigration
3. Western Expansion
4. Progressive Era
5. American Imperialism
6. World War I
7. Roaring 20s
8. Great Depression
9. World War II 
Assignments that are missing and that can still be submitted for partial credit will be indicated with a "M" and a 0 (current grade for that assignment) in Skyward. Assignments will only be accepted until the end of the unit during which they were assigned. After that deadline, those assignments will no longer be accepted for credit. 
*Your current course grade and assignments can always be checked by visiting the online grading system, Skyward. This can be accessed through the Penns Valley School District website.*
Please review the course syllabus for a course description and procedures, in-class and online learning expectations, and an overview of the course.