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Flexible Instructional Days

Flexible Instructional Days Information
Students will join Zoom at their regular class time for U.S. History 9 or Honors U.S. History 9 using the Zoom link available in Schoology.
*Students must be present for the Zoom meeting and must complete the day's assignment(s) by the due date in order to be marked present for attendance.
*Students who do not have access to the Internet at home should have previously downloaded the materials or requested paper copies from Mrs. M that are needed for the Flexible Instructional Day. 
Class Start Times:
Block 1: 8:07 AM
Block 2: 9:43 AM
Block 3: 11:41 AM
Block 4: 1:10 PM
Student will also use their Schoology course page to access the Zoom link, directions, resources, and submit assignments for Flexible Instructional Days. Students, please login to Schoology and then select the Flexible Instructional Days folder. Click on the appropriate date to access the materials needed and to submit your completed work. I will also see you on Zoom and will have further details and directions! :) 
Zoom Expectations